REAL Talk with Brendan Bartic

Expired Listings: How to Work with the #1 Listing Lead Source [Lead Generation] Part 2

November 11, 2021 Brendan Bartic Season 4 Episode 22
REAL Talk with Brendan Bartic
Expired Listings: How to Work with the #1 Listing Lead Source [Lead Generation] Part 2
Show Notes

Expired Listings are the #1 lead generation strategy to get business whether you're a real estate agent going after more listings or an investor/wholesaler/flipper looking for good deals. In this video, I'll give you THE BEST expired listing script as well as the pro tips you need to set the appointment and advice to help you convert these leads as you work with the #1 listing lead source in real estate. 

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With $98 dollars to his name, a bus ticket, and a duffle bag fresh out of the United States Army, Brendan Bartic started out as an assistant to a top-producing agent making $8 per hour. With his sights set high and a long road ahead of him, Brendan carved his own path towards success one cold call and client relationship at a time. Now, a real estate titan, an elite coach, and national trainer with over two decades of incredible success in the real estate industry, Brendan has SOLD OVER ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN RESIDENTIAL VOLUME over the course of his career. As the owner of the #1 Real Estate Team in Denver, a top listing agent, and the Operating Principal of a brokerage serving over 200 agents, he ranks in the Top 1% of all Realtors in the Nation. Brendan is a United States Army Infantry Veteran. Growing up in an abusive home, Brendan left and moved from group home to group home until he was referred to Third Way Center, a place of hope to high-risk and disadvantaged youth until he was emancipated and joined the Army.  Now, giving back to the community that provided him so much, Brendan has helped raise over $1 Million for Denver's disadvantaged youth as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Third Way Center. He's now sharing the secrets to his unrivaled success in real estate.

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