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Buyer Consultation [HOW TO]: 9 Key Components of a Successful Buyer Presentation

January 27, 2022 Brendan Bartic Season 4 Episode 26
REAL Talk with Brendan Bartic
Buyer Consultation [HOW TO]: 9 Key Components of a Successful Buyer Presentation
Show Notes

Your Buyer Consultation should have these 9 key components to ensure a successful buyer presentation.  Deliver the highest level of value to your buyer clients with this step-by-step process. That's THE SECRET...Value, value, value. This will help make sure the home searching and home buying experience is smooth, effective, and easy for everyone. You can deliver this value by ensuring that you touch on each of the key components listed below or you can create and customize your own version of the Buy with Confidence Guide featured in the video as a way of leading your clients through the process step-by-step with an attractive, visually-appealing booklet. 

Before you meet with a buyer for a Buyer Consultation be sure to build trust and rapport with our Buyer Trust Qualifier (mentioned in the video). Get a copy by emailing: to receive a copy. 

Here are the 9 Key Components to a Successful Buyer Presentation: 
1) Pre-Approval: Their Lending Situation
2) Narrowing the Home Search: Quality over Quantity 
3) Home Shopping: Our Tech = more benefit
4) How to Make an Offer: Get them in the right mind-set
5) Strategies to get your offer accepted: Prepare them for all the options ahead of time that will help get their offer accepted. 
6) Home Inspection: Review the common inspection items they should be aware of for that particular area
7) Apprasail: If financing, explain what's important in the appraisal process
8) Home Loan Approval -- Clear to Close
9) Closing: Share the excitement and celebration of closing

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